Wie PisScout arbeitet

Hier k√∂nnen Benutzer (anonym) √ľber Ihre Erfahrung mit Getty Images und die konkrete Abmahnung berichten.

Wie PisScout arbeitet

Beitragvon Gast am Di 10. Nov 2009, 10:50

With its proprietary image fingerprinting technology, ImageTracker proactively searches the Internet for images that match selected entries in the PicScout Image IRC√ɬĘ√Ę??√ā¬Ę. ImageTracker identifies matches, even if the images have been cropped, colorized or altered significantly, including watermark removal. The technology is non-intrusive, highly scalable and acts by identifying unique patterns within the images to allow comparison operations. The PicScout technique does not rely on embedded code, so it survives many forms of alterations and can match highly manipulated images to their original sources. After finding your images, ImageTracker creates a screen capture that documents each image use, then sends you regularly scheduled reports. Youll know exactly who has used your work, where theyve used it, and if theyve been authorized to use it.

D.h. es funktioniert nicht anders als z.B. die Erkennung eines Gesichtes an Hand von "Eckdaten" die gespeichert sind, daher funktioniert es auch bei veränderten Bildern und Bildausschnitten ...

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